MadBull Dissipator 16" M16A2-A4 Outer Barrel

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Description: MadBull Dissipator 16" M16A2/A4 Outer Barrel

What is a dissipator version barrel?

  • On real dissipator barrels, you can find out two "front sight" adapters.
  • The first one (close to flash hider) is for "front sight" and the second one (close to the receiver) is for the "Gas Block and Tube"
  • By having it this way, you can have a A2 barrel length but the "gas blowback" is still efficient like a regular M4.


  • ~ 1cm length adjustable. Fits most of M4 AEG in the market.
  • "2" screws to lock the adjustable parts.
  • Light Aluminum, one piece reinforce barrel. NC processed.
  • Best price and quality on the market.