CTW-PTW Reinforced Piston Case

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 CELCIUS has made a strong polycarbonate piston for the CTW. This Blue Clear Lightweight thermoplastic aromatic polycarbonate has structural units that are characterized by the composition of polycarbonate used for safety helmets, shields, aircraft and missile components. It is predicated for the surprising and unexpected high impact performance of the Celcius Training Weapon.

CELCIUS Reinforced Polycarbonate Piston is virtually unbreakable, making it extremely safe for the Training Weapon. And its lightness will also increase the Rate of Fire.

Material: Special Composition of Polycarbonate

Product Size:
-Length 63mm
-Diameter 19.48mm

Net Weight: 8g

Compatible with M4 Series, M16A2, M16A3, MP5A4 Training Weapon